How to Add Content into FIBRES

by Team FIBRES | Apr 21, 2021

There are two main ways to add new content into FIBRES: manual inputs by your team directly into FIBRES and automated inputs via integrated data sources.

Manual inputs by your team

FIBRES makes it easy for your users to add news articles, reports, or other types of observations into your FIBRES Account.

Creating content by hand

If you want to e.g. create a Signal or a Trend description from scratch, you can start with Create.

1. Click Create.


2. Choose Article type from Signal, Signal Cluster, Trend, or Megatrend.


3. Click Create from Image or Create from Blank.


4. Give your input a descriptive title.


✅ Done! Your input is saved as a FIBRES Article in your Account. The template is ready for you to start adding an Article image, write the description, and more.


💡 Next, you can continue to categorize and assess the Article to place it on the Radar. How to place an Article on the Radar → 

Adding content with the Web Clipper

If you find an interesting piece of news on the internet, you can use the Web Clipper to save a full copy of it to FIBRES at one click.

1. First, install the FIBRES Web Clipper to your browser favorites/bookmark bar.

How to install and use the Web Clipper → 

2. Once the Web Clipper is added, click the Add to FIBRES bookmark button while viewing any web article in the open web.


✅ Done! A full copy of the web article is saved as a FIBRES Article in your Account.


💡 By default, Articles added with the Web Clipper are given the Article type Signal. You can change the Article type any time by clicking the rounded Article type flag under the image.

If you don't have the Web Clipper installed, you can add a copy of a web article also by clicking Create.

  1. Click Create
  2. Choose Article type from Signal, Signal Cluster, Trend, or Megatrend
  3. Click Create from Web
  4. Copy-paste the URL of your target web article and click Create in the pop-up prompt
    ✅FIBRES copies and saves the contents from the web source as an editable FIBRES Article in your Account.


Automated data sources

FIBRES is seamlessly integrated many external data sources to diversify the manual inputs added by your team. Additional data sources are being added continuously, and can be modified according to your needs:

  • Commercial data sources, like MAPEGY and TRENDONE
  • Open web sources, like RSS feeds and/or dedicated crawlers via FIBRESEED
  • Internal sources, like intranet discussion channels or CRMs

Read more about the data sources available for FIBRES → 


Questions about adding content?

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