How to use FIBRESEED for sourcing

FIBRESEED recommends new content for your foresight work.


FIBRESEED is a premium service that we have created for our customers. FIBRESEED brings data inputs from a large set of hand-picked RSS feeds, from continuous queries into the massive GDELT database, and via dedicated web crawlers where need be.

With advanced language technologies, FIBRESEED recognizes topics you are working with and recommends additional content to deepen and diversify your foresight work.

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How to find new content with FIBRESEED

Content found by FIBRESEED is saved into the FIBRESEED database, from which you can bring content into your own FIBRES Account.

Under AI Picks

Find FIBRESEED content based on recommendations:

  1. Open a Signal, Signal Cluster, Trend, or Megatrend.
  2. Scroll down to AI Picks.
  3. Find new content with the tag FIBRESEED.

With Hypersearch

Find FIBRESEED content with your own keywords:

  1. Click 🔍 in the top right corner of FIBRES.
  2. Enter your search keyword(s).
  3. A popup window opens. Scroll down to FIBRESEED.

How to add content from FIBRESEED

You can add FIBRESEED content into your FIBRES Account by creating a linkage or using the Web Clipper.

By creating a linkage

  1. Create a linkage under AI Picks or in the Network Builder.

How to create a linkage → 

By using the Web Clipper

  1. Open the FIBRESEED content in your browser.
  2. Click the Web Clipper bookmark Add to FIBRES.

How to install and use the Web Clipper → 

Configure FIBRESEED for your FIBRES Account

To configure FIBRESEED for your FIBRES Account, book a meeting with us.

Topics monitored by FIBRESEED are constantly updated based on our customers' wishes.

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