How to customize your FIBRES experience

Match FIBRES with your foresight process with our customizable features.

Custom Radar

Most organizations find it valuable to compile a trend radar as part of their foresight process. Because different organizations have different needs for their trend radar, the number and names of the axes on the FIBRES radar are fully customizable. 

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Custom Classifications

Classifications are useful for categorizing and assessing your data according to criteria that matters to you. Many companies find it useful to supplement Radar classifications with other classifications. Classifications can be set up to match your foresight needs.

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Content levels

When you create new content, you can choose between Signals, Signal Clusters, Trends, and Megatrends. These content types are handy for structuring your data.

While content types are not customizable in the same way as the Radar and Classifications, you can choose to use all the content levels are just a part of them.

For example, some of our customers derive a lot of value from Signal Clusters, which allow them to group related Signals, but some are better without them, instructing their users to only use the other three content types.

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How to get customizations

Customizations are always done by our team. Don't hesitate to book a meeting to configure your Account for a custom Radar and custom Classifications, even during your free trial.

Customize your FIBRES experience
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