How to customize your Radar

Get a custom Radar that perfectly matches your foresight needs.

Default Radar


By default, the FIBRES Radar has the following positioning criteria:

Default time axis

  • Label: Time to impact
  • Assessment options: 0-5 years, 5-10 years, 10+ years

Default bubble sizes

  • Label: Impact strength
  • Assessment options: Low, Medium, High

Default sectors

  • Label: Primary domain of impact
  • Assessment options: Business Models, Technology

In a custom Radar, all of the above assessment criteria as well as the labels referring to them can be changed to fit your foresight needs. Below are some examples of custom Radars implemented with FIBRES.

Custom Radar with PESTEL sectors


Custom Radar with real calendar time axis


How Radar customization works

All Radar customizations are done by our team. Please book a meeting to discuss customization options.

When your FIBRES Radar is customized, you will see changes on both the Radar and Article views of your FIBRES Account.

When you open an individual Signal, Signal Cluster, Trend or Megatrend in Article view, you will have the option to evaluate it according to your new assessment criteria.

Once in Article view, navigate to "Position on Radar" to find your assessment criteria under "Position on Radar".


Implementing multiple Radars with FIBRES

We also offer the option to get multiple Radars. Get in touch to discuss the options.

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Customizing your Radar during the free trial

Customizing your Radar is a premium feature available to paying customers. However, free trial users have the option to try a customized Radar during their 30-day free trial.

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Let's personalize your Radar
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