Breakdown of the FIBRES content template

Learn about the power of the content template used for all Signals, Signal Clusters, Trends, and Megatrends in your FIBRES Account.

What is the content template?

All Signals, Signal Clusters, Trends, and Megatrends that you create in FIBRES use the same content template.

It is within individual pieces of content where much of the work in FIBRES happens, so understanding the actions you can take with the content template will help you in your foresight work.web-clipper-new-signal-in-fibres

Title, image, and description

Give your content a title and an image. Use the description to tell what your content is about and what it means for your business.

You can also use the description to summarize multiple pieces of content that your content is linked to.

Content type

See whether your content is a Signal, Signal Cluster, Trend, or Megatrend. Change the content type by clicking on the content type tag if you need to restructure.

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Content discussion

Discuss the content with others in your FIBRES Account. The Content Owner is the user who created the content, and ownership can be transferred to another user later.

Contributors are users who have enriched the content, by editing its title or description, by adding linkages, or by categorizing and assessing the content. Commenters are users who have commented in the discussion.

Action menu

Take selected quick actions. Recommend the content so that it gets easier noticed by your other users in your FIBRES Account. Follow the content to get automated update notifications. Export the content as a .ppt slide. 


Tag your content. FIBRES also applies automated tagging for content added with the Web Clipper or from FIBRESEED recommendations.

Position on Radar

Add, move, or remove your content on the Radar. When you select values from all dropdowns, the Radar preview shows the new position of your content.

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Impacted regions

Assess which regions your content impacts. Custom assessments can easily be added to your FIBRES Account.

Linked Content

Browse existing linkages to other Signals, Signal Clusters, Trends, Megatrends, and Collections. See all linkages by opening the Network Builder.

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AI Picks

Browse a selection of suggestions from our recommendation engine under AI Picks. Find all AI Picks by opening the Network Builder. 

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