Explaining AI Picks

Get suggestions for new linkages and content with our recommendation algorithm. 

What are AI Picks

AI Picks is based on our recommendation algorithm. FIBRES analyzes all your content through advanced natural language processing technologies and recommends additional content on the same topics.

Use these suggestions to add new linkages within your existing content, and to find completely new inputs to bring to FIBRES. With AI Picks, FIBRES exposes you to related inputs, including controversial and different points of view.


How AI Picks are selected

AI Picks always lists related content in your FIBRES Account. If your FIBRES Account has been configured with external data sources, you will also see content from outside your FIBRES Account, such as FIBRESEED content sourced intelligently from across the web and open databases.

The recommendation algorithm treats different levels of your trend data slightly differently:

  • For Signals, AI Picks identifies relevant matches by analyzing the Signal's title, description, and tags.
  • For Signal Clusters, Trends, Megatrends, and Collections, AI Picks also analyzes the latest linkages to understand the full scope of the topic.

Where AI Picks can be found

FIBRES suggests AI Picks for each Signal, Signal Cluster, Trend, Megatrend, and Collection.

  1. Open any Signal, Signal Cluster, Trend, Megatrend, or Collection.
  2. Scroll down to AI Picks.

Create linkages to AI Picks

Content recommended by AI Picks can easily be linked with the content you are currently viewing. For quick linking, click the link icon in the top left corner of the content you want to link to. For more AI Picks, open the Network Builder.

If the content you are linking to is not yet in your FIBRES Account, it is automatically brought to your FIBRES Account in the background.  

How to create linkages → 

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