FIBRES™ is a new tool to bring simplicity to your organization’s strategic planning and foresight work, with three main sections: Foresight and Ideation, Business Roadmaps and Execution. The Foresight and Ideation section is quite unique in such a strategic management tool: organizations can continuously record change signals they find important for their future; systematically work with these observations; and finally link relevant summaries to their own strategic planning.

FIBRES™ is provided by a Finnish management consultancy, Necorpoint Ltd, which has years of experience in strategic management consulting and futures planning. The need for a simple strategic management tool stems from their vast experience.

“In short, we have seen strategies that never get executed, and we have seen development projects yelling for concrete strategic guidance”, says CEO, Panu Kause. “Quite often the strategic targets and operational tasks are not really linked together. This leads to lost opportunities at best and absolute chaos at worst. We really want to give our customers all the possibilities to be successful”, Kause adds.

FIBRES™ provides companies with a single, real-time place for all of their strategy work with foresight, planning, management and execution. There is no longer a need to have every piece of information in different spreadsheets and slide presentations.

“We have always used software tools for what we do, but none of them seemed just right or were lacking in terms of what you could do with them. They did not live up to the real needs of our customers. With FIBRES™, we created a very simple tool that is truly unique and still comprehensive”, says Panu Kause.

Every company needs to build their strategies on forward-looking market foresight. FIBRES™ is an online tool that can be used in any industry and by any organization, anywhere and anytime. It is one of the best real-time collaboration tools in strategic management.

Contact info for the media:
Panu Kause, CEO
+358 40 838 4603

FIBRES™ is the simplest tool on the market offering a single place for your market tracking and foresight, strategic planning, and execution transparency. FIBRES™ is browser-based, automatically adapts to any screen and is well suited for continuous work as well as workshopping. The tool is provided by Necorpoint Ltd, a strategic management company based in Helsinki, Finland and founded in 2010. More information:

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