For Educational Purposes

FIBRES can help you teach the core of strategic foresight and actionable strategy.


As a teacher or school representative, have you wondered how to offer good tools for your students working on their strategic foresight or strategic management studies?

As enabling smart strategies is our mission, so is change and futures thinking our passion. To this end, FIBRES is available for educational purposes for schools and education providers for free.



  • you and your students will have an easy tool for teaching and assignments
  • you’ll stay up-to-date of student work progress, and easily give your comments and guidance online
  • you can set up limited-access workspaces for groupwork assignments


In short, FIBRES is free for educational purposes at the following guidelines:

  • one free instance and a maximum of 100 user accounts for one educational organization
  • additional instances and/or user accounts subject to fees to be negotiated
  • options available for white-label and/or co-branding, localization, customization, integrations, etc.
  • additional services, such as curated trend data from our partners, also available upon discussion


“I could easily follow up on the progress of the different teams and the related discussion. Thanks to this possibility, a separate report by the students was not at all needed. The guidance and support by Necorpoint to the students were quite practical, and they supported our students in realizing business opportunities by themselves.” 

Katta Siltavirta

Responsible Teacher, MBA, Oulu University of Applied Sciences

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